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New member benefit

Coming Early 2023

What are Oregon REALTORS® Forms?

Clear. User-friendly. Legally Sound.

Responsive to Industry Needs.

These are the values that drove our effort to develop a comprehensive library of real estate forms for all Oregon REALTORS® to have available as a member benefit. Access to the forms library will be included with Oregon REALTORS® membership dues. Members like you will have ample opportunity to provide feedback and help shape our forms, making sure they work for you!

Drafted for Members, by Experts

Drafted by attorneys with input from REALTOR® members from around the state, and in consultation with experts in specialty areas including: residential, vacant land, new construction, manufactured homes, floating homes, farm and ranch, commercial real estate and more.

Interested in more information?

“Oregon REALTORS® is committed to delivering valuable member benefits.”

— Jenny Pakula, Esq., CAE, RCE, Chief Executive Officer

Preview the Forms


Forms will be available for use in transactions beginning early 2023. 

Preview the forms below and provide any feedback before we finalize them later this fall.  Feedback on forms can be sent here:

Line numbers will be added to final documents.






Frequently Asked Questions


When will Oregon REALTORS® forms be available for use in transactions?

In early 2023, forms will arrive in most form technology platforms and will be available for use in transactions.

Do I have to pay for Oregon REALTORS® forms?

If you are an Oregon REALTORS® member, the forms are included in your member dues.

What if I have forms comments or suggestions?

We will be continuously improving our forms based on member feedback.  By mid-October the forms will be available on this website for preview by members.  A round of revisions will be made before the forms are available for use in transactions beginning in early 2023. 

You can reach our Forms Team with comments or suggestions at forms@oregonrealtors.org or by phone at 503-587-8884. 

Beginning October 14, 2022 Oregon REALTORS® will be hosting a Forms “Open House” every Friday where you can learn more, ask questions and provide feedback.  You can register for one or more Open Houses here.  Going forward, Oregon REALTORS® will host a Forms Forum at our Spring and Fall Convention where members can provide input on forms and we will always take suggestions throughout the year at the email and phone number above.    

Why is Oregon REALTORS® launching forms?

Oregon REALTORS® believes that it is important to offer a comprehensive suite of business and risk management tools and benefits to our members. As the statewide trade association for real estate brokers and principal brokers in Oregon, we have long provided a variety of risk management tools and advice to our members including our Risk Management Toolkit, Buyer and Seller Advisories, and the Legal Hotline.

We hear early and often about industry, market and legal trends. Through our Legal Hotline, we hear about the issues that snag—and make or break—a transaction and we know where REALTORS® are getting hung up and where they are exposed to risk. Through our Professional Standards Committee we deal with issues related to the REALTOR® Code of Ethics.
Given all this, it made sense to us to also provide real estate forms as a member benefit and our Board of Directors decided to do so. Going forward, Oregon REALTORS® forms can be nimble and respond to changes in the industry and to growing concerns of our members as they arise.

What training will be available for Oregon REALTORS® forms?

Prior to our training program launch, join our weekly “open-houses” for an overview of the library and to ask your pressing questions (register here). We will offer a complete suite of recorded trainings on this website prior to January 1st.  The trainings explain not only every form, but every provision of every form. Agents can even take our recorded trainings for CE credits at their own pace through OnlineEd. Additionally, Oregon REALTORS® will schedule live in-person and virtual trainings throughout this fall and into next year and beyond. 

It is our commitment to you to provide all of the tools necessary for everyone associated with your brokerage to be well-trained in the proper use of Oregon REALTORS® forms. Starting mid-December, we will publish a list of Certified Oregon REALTORS® Forms trainers for you to schedule a two hour “Using Oregon REALTORS® Forms” trainings virtually or in-person.

How will it work with two forms providers in the market?

With the introduction of Oregon REALTORS® forms, Oregon REALTORS® members will have a set of statewide forms available as a member benefit to all members.  Members will continue to have other statewide forms options as well.

The benefit of statewide forms—whichever you use—is that they are drafted by attorneys with input from industry experts and are designed to help you manage your risk in transactions.   

Any single transaction should be completed on a single set of forms.  Oregon REALTORS® has created a form that the parties may use to assist them in agreeing on a single set of forms—whichever set of forms they choose.

What forms will Oregon REALTORS® offer?

Oregon REALTORS® will offer the following forms, and will continue to add forms as needed: 

Residential Purchase and Sale Agreement 

Commercial PSA 

Manufactured Home & Boat PSA

Agricultural Land PSA

Vacant Land PSA

Right of First Offer

Right of First Refusal

Letter of Intent

Escalation Clause Addendum

Counter Offer

General Addendum

Late Acceptance Addendum

Bill of Sale

Repair Addendum

Lead Based Hazard Addendum

FIRPTA Addendum

Domestic Well

On-site Septic

Contingent Right to Purchase

Notice of Intent

Contingent Right to Sell

Wood Stove Addendum

Waiver of Contingencies

Release of Contingencies

Seller Occupancy Agreement

Buyer Pre-Closing Occupancy Addendum

Attorney Review Addendum

FHA/VA Amendatory Clause

Counteroffer Changing Base Form

Back-Up Offer Addendum

Seller’s Property Disclosure

Ag Land Disclosure Statement

Vacant Land Disclosure Statement

New Construction Addendum 

Investment Property Addendum

Historic Property Addendum

HOA Addendum

Buyer’s Notice of Default to Seller

Seller’s Notice of Default to Buyer

Notice of Termination

Response to Termination

Statutory Revocation of Offer

Commercial Assignment of Lease

Commercial Diligence Document Request Sheet

Tenant Occupied Property

Tenant Estoppel Certificate

Leased Equipment Addendum

Agricultural Tenant Property

Promissory Note

Deed of Trust

Land Sale Contract

Final Agency Acknowledgement

Disclosed Limited Agency Agreement (Buyer & Seller)

Listing Agreement

Buyer Representation Agreement

Buyer “No Agency” Agreement

Seller “No Agency” & Fee Agreement

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Notice of Real Estate Compensation

Buyer Advisory

Seller Advisory 

Protect Your Family from Lead Pamphlet

Initial Agency Disclosure Pamphlet

How do I stay current on any changes regarding Oregon REALTORS® forms?

Updates will be posted on the web page and monthly newsletters are sent out to our members. Anytime changes are made to the forms, video training will be released simultaneously or in advance of the changes. Oregon REALTORS® will also work with all of the vendors who are hosting Oregon REALTORS® forms to educate users about any changes. At our fall and spring conventions Oregon REALTORS® will host a Forms Forum to learn about updates and to provide input and feedback on the forms.

I want to become a Certified Oregon REALTORS® Forms trainer

Oregon REALTORS® is launching a Train the Trainer program to get high quality trainers from around the state certified to teach on Oregon REALTORS® Forms. There will be four chances to take the four hour training course: once-per-month from December 2022 to March 2023. More options will become available throughout 2023. All trainers interested in being certified to teach Oregon REALTORS® Forms should complete the interest form.

Trainers will be provided with the “Using Oregon REALTORS® Forms” training slide deck, handouts, timed outline, and teaching guide. As change to the Oregon REALTORS® Forms are made, trainers will be notified and supplied with updated training materials. After major changes or one year, trainers will be required to complete a short refresher course to ensure their courses are providing Oregon REALTORS® Forms users up-to-date information.